Your Beloved Pet Is Our Priority! Bring your pet to U-Wash Doggie and give them the treatment they deserve in a well-equipped setting. You can make sure your canine buddy receives only the greatest care with our premium shampoos, salon-quality grooming tubs, and assortment of grooming instruments at your disposal.


With U-Wash Doggie, you can get your pet ready for the summer! Bring your pet to us right away for self-service pet cleaning or full-service expert grooming!

The best place for pet owners looking for a quick and enjoyable grooming experience for their cherished pets is U-Wash Doggie. We are located in the Santa Clarita Valley with two locations in New Hall and Saugus. Our first-rate self-serve pet wash facility offers a wide range of services that will give your cherished pet a great summertime look and feel.

Every pet is always welcome! Our helpful and knowledgeable staff at U-Wash Doggie is always ready to help and offer guidance. Let us simplify the process of grooming your pet. In SCV, U-Wash Doggie is the ideal spot to spoil your pet. This is an experience that your pet will never forget.

U-Wash Doggie in Santa Clarita is the perfect place to pamper your beloved pet. Both you and your companion will be satisfied with the experience, guaranteed!


“You Wash, We Wash, You Choose” make an appointment now!


Santa Clarita, California 91350, 23013 Soledad Canyon Road Saugus (661)-255-9600

Newhall Location: U-WASH DOGGIE: 24144 LYONS AVE, Newhall, CA (661) 284-3600


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As a reminder U-Wash Doggie says to take measures for your pets… With warmer weather Fleas and Ticks multiply. Protect them Pet at U-Wash Doggie. Get your pets Professionally Groomed Today!


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