Warmer Weather Brings Fleas and Ticks, Protect Your Pet | U-Wash Doggie

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U-Wash Doggie wants to remind you to take measures for your pets…

Santa Clarita is home to warm Springtime temperatures, and hot summers. The warm weather brings fleas and ticks!

Always remember to treat each of your pets for fleas. If you treat just one, the fleas will jump to your other pets and the infestation will continue. Many flea control treatments only need to be applied once a month or once every few months. Oral and topical applications start protecting your pet before the flea population begins to increase during the warmer months of “flea season.”

Everyone talks about dog grooming, but at U-Wash Doggie we also do cats.

We can get the knots out your cat’s fur if it’s long and matted and we can also treat him or her for fleas and ticks. So if your cat has gotten into some bushes and come back looking dirty, we can take care of it.

U-Wash Doggie grooms all kinds of pets.

Your Dogs will love you for the taking them to U-Wash Doggie! It’s the #1 choice in SCV and the number 1 place to get your pet. And, don’t let the name fool you,

Stop in one of our two conveniently located locations 7 days a week for either a full-service groom or do-it-yourself in one of our waist-high, ergonomic tubs. Professional Pet Grooming Too!

U-Wash Doggie is the Best Place in the SCV to Show Your Pet some Love…

Newhall Location: U-WASH DOGGIE: 24144 LYONS AVE, Newhall, CA (661) 284-3600

Saugus Location: 23013 SOLEDAD CANYON RD, Saugus (661) 255-9600


“DIY” Do It Yourself. “You Wash, We Wash, You Choose” & PROFESSIONAL PET GROOMING
At U-Wash Doggie, Besides Having Your Pet Professionally Groomed To Perfection, Try Our DIY Bathtubs. No Muss, No Fuss, You’ll Enjoy Having Us Clean Up After You .

Special Services Include Haircuts for All Breeds, Nail Clipping, Ear Cleaning, Medicated Baths, Flea Dips, Flea & Tick Shampoos, And Re-Moisturizing Coats Services.

See Our Happy Customers Comments…

U-WASH DOGGIE: 24144 LYONS AVE Newhall  


U-Wash Doggie ® #1 Full Service Professional Grooming Santa Clarita