Our doggies love us unconditionally, and they’d love to be treated with a bath and groom at U-Wash Doggie!

At U-Wash Doggie, we treat every pup as if its our own. Did you know that our founder, Francisco Gamero started U-Wash Doggie because the hassle and mess of washing his own beloved Golden Retriever, Max, in the bathtub at home?

You can let us groom your dog or give him a bath yourself (with the help of one of our assistants if needed) in one of our back-saving, waist-high tubs. Each tub has long water hoses and a ladder for your dog to easily climb in.

U-Wash Doggie Newhall: 24144 Lyons Ave & 23013 Soledad Canyon Rd | 800.Pet.Wash | www.uwashdoggie.com