Keep your pet looking and feeling their best this September! If your pet requires skilled care, U-Wash Doggie has a team of licensed groomers who are dedicated to providing the best care possible to your most beloved pal. To ensure your pet looks and feels their best, our professionals will take care of everything from haircuts to routine maintenance such as nail clipping and ear cleaning.


We use gentle and safe grooming techniques to ensure that your pet’s needs and preferences are met. Your pet will look and feel beautiful as a result of our skill and attention to detail.

Clean And Happy PetsWe have a team of certified pet groomers that are dedicated to providing superior care for pets if you require skillful styling. Our experts can take care of everything from customized trims to regular grooming such as nail clipping and cleaning the ears to make sure your pet appears and feels their best. To cater to your pet’s wants and requirements, we employ gentle and safe grooming techniques. Because of our talent and attention to detail, your pet will look and feel beautiful.



For those with pets looking for a healthy and fun grooming procedure for their cherished pet, U-Wash Doggie is the perfect choice. We have two locations in the Santa Clarita Valley: New Hall and Saugus. The full service provided by our excellent pet wash facilities will give your pet a fresh look for the upcoming Fall season.


Pets of all kinds are welcome! The knowledgeable and trained crew at U-Wash Doggie will always be happy to help and has all the necessary supplies to satisfy the needs of all different animals. Allow us to make your pet’s grooming experience a happier one. After your pet leaves our facility, he or she will be clean, well-groomed, and happy!


All Pets In SCV Are WelcomeWe welcome all pets at U-Wash Doggie! Our trained and knowledgeable team is always happy to assist you with your beloved companion. We’ll make grooming your pet a pleasurable experience for your four-legged friend!


“You Wash, We Wash, You Choose” make an appointment now!

Newhall Location: U-WASH DOGGIE: 24144 LYONS AVE, Newhall, CA (661) 284-3600


Saugus Location: 23013 SOLEDAD CANYON RD, Saugus (661) 255-9600



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