Keep Your Beloved Pet Well Groomed For The Holidays With The Help Of U-Wash Doggie! At U-Wash Doggie, we treat all pets with the love and care they deserve. Visit us today and you’ll see why we are the #1 pet grooming service in the Santa Clarita Valley. Use one of our self-wash stations or get one of our friendly staff to provide personalized service to your pet. We’ll make sure your put is looking and feeling their best during the most wonderful time of the year!


“You Wash, We Wash, You Choose” 

Newhall Location: U-WASH DOGGIE: 24144 LYONS AVE, Newhall, CA (661) 284-3600


Saugus Location: 23013 SOLEDAD CANYON RD, Saugus (661) 255-9600




Start December off with a stress-free grooming experience for your beloved pet companion! We are excited to provide the best care possible for every pet. Is it time for your pet to be pampered? Every eight to twelve weeks, you should give your pet a full bath and wash. Make an appointment right now by giving us a call!



Our staff at U-Wash Doggie are professionally trained to provide your pet with a safe and enjoyable grooming service. We provide a wide range of pet grooming services to ensure that your companion is both looking and feeling their best. These services range from simple nail trims and ear cleanings to more elaborate haircuts. At U-Wash Doggie, we make sure that your animal’s needs are met by using only safe grooming methods.


We also provide self-serve facilities at our locations for your convenience! Towels, combs, brushes, perfumes, aprons, pet-safe shampoos, and high-quality pet dryers are all easily accessible here for your pet’s bath. We will provide you with all you require to take care of your beloved pet—we’ll even take care of the cleanup! Furthermore, U-Wash Doggie offers flea dips, medicated baths, prescription baths, flea and tick shampoo, and much more!
For pet owners who want to give their cherished animal the best grooming experience possible, we have you covered! In the Santa Clarita Valley, you’ll find locations in Saugus and New Hall. Thanks to the amazing services provided by our staff, your pet will look fantastic throughout the winter.



Get Rid Of Those Itchy Ears Before Christmas!

Give your dog this amazing ear solution today. Correct your pet’s ear problems instantly with the Miracle Cure Ear Solution. Call Francisco to ask about this wonderful product and what types of ear problems it treats. Or look for Miracle Cure Ear Solution on our website U-Wash Doggie.


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As a reminder U-Wash Doggie says to take measures for your pets… With warmer weather Fleas and Ticks multiply. Protect them Pet at U-Wash Doggie. Get your pets Professionally Groomed Today!