U-Wash Doggie is the #1 Full Service Professional Grooming Santa Clarita, and DIY” Do It Yourself Pet Wash. If you wish we can wash them for you. “You Wash, We Wash, You Choose” We’ll be closed Christmas Day so make an appointment now! Please remember, all pets are welcome.

It’s to easy to DIY your pets when you use our tubs, get them in and out without fuss and back pain. We the shampoos, blow dryers and other materials you’ll need.

Newhall Location: U-WASH DOGGIE: 24144 LYONS AVE, Newhall, CA (661) 284-3600

Our Pets Let Us Know when it’s time for a grooming. When they do, bring them to U-Wash Doggie.

Treat your pet to an awesome grooming at U-Wash Doggie… Special services include haircuts, nail clipping, ear cleaning, medicated baths, flea dips, flea & tick shampoos, and re-moisturizing coats. Bring your pets to U-Wash Doggie for their “spa day”

As a reminder U-Wash Doggie says to take measures for your pets… With warmer weather Fleas and Ticks multiply. Protect them Pet at U-Wash Doggie. Get your pets Professionally Groomed Today!

Does Your Pet Have Itchy Ears?

Check out this Amazing Solution. it’s what your pet needs to correct ear issues. Call Francisco to ask about this wonderful product and what types of ear problems it treats. Or look for Miracle Cure Ear Solution on our website U-Wash Doggie.


Call about Miracle Cure Ear Solution

U-Wash Doggie has a two Locations in Santa Clarita to serve you.

Call Newhall 661-284-3600 Call Saugus 661-255-9600