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Have you been having problems clearing your pet’s ear infections? If your veterinarian’s treatment plan hasn’t been working for you and your pet…Then it is time for the “Miracle Cure Ear Solution”

Dog and cat ear infections are due to many reasons that includes bacterial yeast infections, ear mite infestation, allergies, fungal growth and the MOST obvious, lack of proper care or improper dog ear hygiene.

Infections of the outer ear are the most common and easiest to identify in dogs since swollen, crusty ears, redness, offensive odor and any discharge indicates an ear infection. All dog breeds could develop ear infections, especially dogs with long and floppy ears; this is because long ears tend to trap moisture within the ear canal due to poor air circulation. You can prevent ear infections in cats and dogs by taking some good home care, cleaning your pet’s ears regularly with Miracle Cure Ear Solution.

Our experience has been that pets with an ear infection, if given this treatment daily, will show improvement within a few days. You will have the problem solved completely within about two weeks. Prevent ear problems; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

When you see the ear infection is in remission (in about 2 weeks), then you can go on a maintenance program, cleaning your dog’s ears once every week with Miracle Cure Ear Solution you will prevent your dog from getting back the ear infection. This will be a life time treatment to never go back to the same problem. Avoid re-lapsing; never discontinue the use of the Miracle Cure Ear Solution. Do not use this product if you can see sores or open wounds inside the ear canal. See your veterinarian.

Directions: Apply 10-12 drops to both ear canals and massage well behind the ear. Repeat treatment one time daily for seven to ten days only as directed; avoid contact with eyes, if in eyes, flush with plenty of water. Discontinue use if irritation develops. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on open wounds. Miracle Ear Solution Contains: Alcohol, vinegar, and crystalline acid, antiseptic with povidone-iodine. Then continue the use of Miracle Ear Solution once a week to promote good healthy ears. For external use only.

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