U-Wash Doggie ® Santa Clarita Full Service Professional Pet Grooming.

Your Pet will love being Professionally Groomed for St Patrick’s Day, by U-Wash Doggie in Santa Clarita.

All pets are welcome.

Set up a time: Newhall 661-284-3600 Call Saugus 661-255-9600

U-Wash Doggie has a two convenient Locations in Santa Clarita serving your Professional Pet Grooming and Pet Wash needs in Saugus and Newhall.

At U-Wash Doggie it’s easy, use our tubs, get your pet in and out without fuss and back pain, we also have all the shampoos, blow dryers and other materials you’ll need.

U-Wash Doggie ® is a full Pet Grooming Salon Service. These special services include haircuts, nail clipping, ear cleaning, medicated baths, flea dips, flea & tic shampoos, re-moisturizing coats and teeth cleaning. U-Wash Doggie ® prices are consistently lower than the competition and the quality of service provided by our experienced, professional groomers is unsurpassed!

Washing and Grooming is not limited to just dogs and cats; U-Wash Doggie® can work with, and has already professionally groomed pets including parrots, pot belly pigs, and monkeys.
U-Wash Doggie is the #1 Full Service Professional Grooming Santa Clarita, and DIY” Do It Yourself. “You Wash, We Wash, You Choose” We’ll be closed Christmas Day so make an appointment now!

You’ll be ready to Snuggle Up with your pet when you bring them home from U-Wash Doggie in Santa Clarita. You can use our self-serve facilities or have one of our professional groomers do the job, you’ll get amazing results!

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This Amazing Solution is what your pet needs to correct ear issues. Call Francisco or Andrés to ask about this wonderful product and what types of ear problems it treats. Look for Miracle Cure Ear Solution by U-Wash Doggie.


Call about Miracle Cure Ear Solution

Stop by one of our two conveniently located locations 7 days a week for full-service grooming or do-it-yourself pet wash, using one of our waist-high, ergonomic tubs. We offer complete professional pet grooming services too!


U-Wash Doggie ® #1 Full Service Professional Grooming Santa Clarita