21 Famous Presidential Pups


Dogs are a man (and woman)’s best friend, and Presidents are no exception!

From George Washington’s 36 hounds to Obama’s water dog Bo, dogs have long been a President’s best friend! Here are our top presidential pups in honor of President’s Day:

  1. James Buchanan’s Newfoundland named Lara
  2. Ulysses S. Grant’s Newfoundland named Faithful
  3. Rutherford Hayes’ Greyhound named Grim, an English mastiff named Hector, and a Newfoundland named Dot
  4. James Garfield’s dog named Veto (get it?)
  5. Theodore Roosevelt’s Chesapeake Bay retriever named Sailor Boy, a Pekingese named Manchu, a mutt named Skip and two terries named Jack and Pete
  6. Warren Harding’s Airedale named Laddie Boy, and a bulldog named Old Boy
  7. Calvin Coolidge’s terrier named Peter Pan, an Airedale named Paul Pry, a sheepdog named Calamity Jane, a bulldog named Boston Beans, a shepherd named King Cole, a birder named Palo Alto, collies named Rob Roy, Prudence Prim, Ruby Rough, and Bessie, and chows named Blackberry and Tiny Tim
  8. Herbert Hoover’s collie named Glen, malamute named Yukon, an Irish wolfhound named Patrick, a setter named Eaglehurst Gillette, an elkhound named Weejie, fox terriers named Big Ben and Sonnie, and shepherds named King Tut and Pat
  9. Franklin Roosevelt’s Scottish terriers named Fala and Meggie, a German shepherd named Major, a Llewellyn setter named Winks, an English sheepdog named Tiny, a Great Dane named President (pun intended!), and a mastiff named Blaze
  10. Harry Truman’s dog named Feller, and an Irish setter named Mike
  11. Dwight Eisenhower’s Weimaraner named Heidi
  12. John F. Kennedy’s Welsh terrier named Charlie, plus others dogs named Pushinka, Shannon, Wolf, Clipper, Blackie, Butterfly, Streaker and White Tips
  13. Lyndon Johnson’s beagles named Him, Her and Freckles, a collie named Blanco, and a mutt named Edgar
  14. Richard Nixon’s cocker spaniel named Checkers, a poodle named Vicky, a terrier named Pasha, and an Irish setter named King Timahoe
  15. Gerald Ford’s golden retriever named Liberty
  16. Jimmy Carter’s dog named Grits
  17. Ronald Reagan’s spaniel named Rex and a sheepdog named Bouvier des Flandres
  18. George Bush’s spaniels named Millie and Ranger
  19. Bill Clinton’s chocolate lab named Buddy
  20. George W. Bush’s spaniel named Spot and terriers named Barney and Miss Beazley
  21. Barack Obama’s Portuguese water dogs named Bo and Sunny

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